The Onyx Eagle

Colors: Black & Gold

Banner: Eagle's Claw


A contemporary legion formed and so named after the Onyx Eagle himself, Legate Aquila Aurix Bask. They act as a specialty vanguard planetary strike force, first to arrive, and often among the last to leave. Their rank is hand selected by the Legate, chosen only for proven dedication to the noble House Aquila. They are infamous throughout the sector as masterful tacticians who would see any enemy of the empire crushed beneath their sharpened claw. The Legate himself has not once been absent from the front lines of his Legion, his black Lorica Fortis emblazoned with the golden claw of Aquila. In times of peace, ranks of the Legion are fully expected to pivot into the politica to ensure the might of the Convocation echoes throughout the sector.


As with all Legio before the war, The XIX did in fact have a number of synth within their ranks, but they were primarily relegated to support roles such as comms, medical, and drone operations, to name a few. Roughly 2/3 of the legion were non-human, but no synth held an officers rank of any sort. The most notable within Legio XIX were a Cohort of Essedum Onager, a precision artillery strike unit. Upon the purge all Synth were "decommissioned."

History & The Cygnus Threat

In 3177 Acheron Rho, House Crux revealed the Cygnus threat. The Legate of the XIX was murdered by synthetic assassins in the wake of this news. A young Centurion Triarii, Bask Aurix would lead the remaining forces of the XIX into vengeful engagements, purging all synthetics from the Legion . His Lorica Fortis (light mech) stained black with the ash of his foes, he earned the monicker Onyx Eagle. Two years into this time of crisis for the the Aquilan Legions, the Convocation deemed it appropriate to elevate Bask to the authoritative rank of Legate in 3179. The Legion was rebranded in his image as a message to all synthetics that remained, there would be no quarter. 

Notable Members

Primus Legate Evocatus Dux Diomikato Aurix Bask of Legio XIX

Triarii Aquila Amatius Harland

Centurion Aquila Lucius Ursunis

Centurio Aquila Xelwroth Marveus

Decanus Aquila Magius Avitus

Legionary Aquila Pritera Michael