Commanding Officers:

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Legate Aquila Volk Gaia

Tribune Aquila Kaletor Endymion

Colours: Beige with red trim

Banner: Thunderbolt

The Thunderbolt 13th Legion has earned a reputation for brash frontal assaults , followed up by deadly lightning strikes, and finally the cold efficiency of mech fire support . The Legion’s two foremost commanders make for a perfect balance; the fire of Gaia Volk’s fury and Endymion Kaletor cold logic. Together they have led the 13th Legion to numerous victories throughout their tenure and the respect of many of their peer legions.

When making war, the 13th Legion  will focus on two main tactics. The first is orbital assault; the Legion will use orbital insertion tactics  and armoured gunships to perform a mass-landing in the wake of a heavy orbital bombardment. If enemy resistance is still strong after this initial assault, the 13th Legion will land their heavy armour (such as mechs and grav tanks) and launch an armoured spearhead against the weakest link in the enemy's defensive line.

As part of their dedication to the Empire and their Legion, the 13th Legion swear oaths of faith and protection. Before a battle, it is considered customary to renew one of these oaths, the individual vow serving as a focus on the particular aspect of the Legionaries duties considered to be necessary to ensure success for the overall Legion in battle.